Friday, December 29, 2006

Top Social Network Awards from Mashable

Good to see that my favourite Librarything got a mention

Herge and Tintin

The Pompidou Centre in Paris is hosting an exhibition until 19 February hightighting the work of Herge, creator of Tintin. For details (in French)

A Guardian article (in English) gives further details at

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PC Magazine's Best Five Online Services

Thrilled to see one of my favourites "Librarything" made the list of the 5 best "Apps that run on the Net—not on your PC". I must try out some of the other winners.

Nestle Award Winner

Read the Guardian article for the full prize list.,,1971191,00.html

Death of Philippa Pearce

The author of "Tom's midnight garden" has died aged 86. For an obituary see:,,60-2519442.html

Bill Bryson OBE

I have had lots of laughs as I've read Bill's travel tales. It is great to see that he has been awarded an honorary OBE for his contribution to literature.

New SMH Book Blog

I've added the Sydney Morning Herald's Book Blog "Undercover" by Herald writer Susan Wyndham to my feeds at Bloglines

Interview with Chris Chris d'Lacey

Now that Christmas is over I have some time to catch up on news and do some reading. I found this interview with Chris d'Lacey interesting.