Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ursula Moray Williams

Ursula Moray Williams died on October 17, aged 95.


“Get the picture? The Effects of Iconicity on Toddlers’ Reenactment from Picture Books”

Queensland psychologist, Gabrielle Simcock, reports on a study that shows that "Parents who engage in the age-old tradition of picture-book reading are not only encouraging early reading development in their children but are also teaching their toddlers about the world around them."
The full report is available at the APA site:

New Roald Dahl Biography

Publishing News reports that Donald Sturrock has been chosen by the Dahl family to write a biography of Dahl. HarperCollins will publish the work in 2009


The classic children's book Animalia is being turned into a television series and will be screened in Australia in just over a year. See the announcement