Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Margaret Mahy – wins the Hans Christian Andersen Author Award 2006
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A treasure house for Moomins, Biggles and well-thumbed pages,,6-2102329,00.html
Paterson wins international children's book award
'Henry and Mudge' win first Geisel Award
Illustrator extraordinaire Melissa Sweet
Tome Raiders...... the story of Libraries Australia SMH Article
ANIMALIA, the picture book loved by adults and children alike, is set to be a major television series.,10117,18388262-36557,00.html
Book awards recognise Indigenous publisher
10 years old and Annaliese already has a book deal!
We owe a great debt to the brilliant, if flawed, Melvil Dewey
News article from Fairbanks,1413,113~7244~3252905,00.html