Saturday, September 10, 2005

Australian author passes on

Donald Horne, author of The Lucky country died this week aged 83. For further info see 'The Lucky Country' author dies, aged 83
Australian Authors and Illustrators for Young People

I have spent quite a bit of time recently updating the links on this page at recently. The site has hundreds of links to biograpical information, interviews and teaching materials.

The First Post - TLNewsau reborn

It is two years since I posted anything to TLNewsau first edition (now deleted).

Spurred on by
Pat Pledger's session at the IASL Conference in Hong Kong in July I decided to give blogging another go. Hopefully the bits I post here will be of some use to TLs - particularly those in isolated areas.

New Mitchell Library Site

I alerted the staff at school to this a few weeks ago and some were suitably impressed. My mate Kate wrote this week "It’s a Wow! – make sure you go to “our libraries” and go to the door at Mitchell Library and make sure you’ve got your sound on too…"

Take a look at